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I really get that.

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed in a situation that we just can’t see clearly the road ahead. To try and take something on our own would just be too overwhelming. You’re likely in a place where you are feeling at your whit’s end and drained and what you feel like you really need now is someone to take you by the hand, explain to you what exactly is going on for your child and then give you solutions to help them and ultimately change this nightmare into some more happiness.

You’re likely fed up of being fobbed off by other professionals who have told you that there is nothing wrong with your child. There ISN’T anything wrong with them at the core level- they are perfectly loveable as they are. But what you’re really asking me for is to help you resolve the crying, the meltdowns and the constant buzzing of noise, mind chatter and chaos that you and your child feel on a daily basis.

When you’ve been told that there is nothing wrong with your child; its made you feel frustrated and helpless because you can see as a parent that there IS something wrong. He or she is upset, angry and not enjoying their life and its taking a toll on your well being now too.

I worked with a parent who had a son who was told that there was nothing wrong with him by the GP and that his cough was anxiety related. Within 4-8 weeks we had resolved his root anxiety and guess what happened to the constant cough…? It went Coughing Child

Relax. Help is at hand. I am confident after working with hundreds of families that I too can help you. You are no different. Your child’s struggles will have the exact same root as every other child’s and I am happy to work with you and guide you to help them resolve this and feel BETTER.

So, click the link below to email me to request to work with me on a one to one. I am usually booked up for this and there may be a waiting time of 2-4 weeks but the sooner you email me, the sooner that I can tell you my availability and get you booked in.

There is always the option to head on over to the other package page and purchase that to learn at home while you are waiting. There is always an answer and hope

Sending you so much love,

I can wait to work with you

Click the link here to request your one to one coaching.

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