What Parent’s are saying

 Jen in treatment

“For me, receiving the feedback from parents is always the most rewarding thing I could ever ask for. To know that you have made a difference to a family and passed on a gift of knowledge that is going to touch a child’s life and give him the wings to fly is something that money cannot buy. The best things in life really are free and to have knowledge really is to have power to direct our lives into the direction that we choose.”

Jen Harrison

Actress: Mom from Good Luck Charlie, Ellen from Will & Grace

A Message on YouTube


A message from a Mum on Instagram:

My son would constantly be clearing his throat. This has stopped. I am currently home educating. After removing him from school bed wetting reduced, however since the start of the course (supporting sensitive children) he is dry the majority of the time. He is enjoying the relaxation time with the toy on his tummy and has started to do it on his own occasionally. My Mum said he is more agreeable. Just the other day he told my Mum, “today is a happy day”. We can see more periods of calm. In the last two weeks his swimming has transformed, and his listening is improving.

Thank you X

An email from Hannah, Australia:

Oh Jen! I am so glad you messaged me because I had written out something to send to you in person straight after our last coaching call & then never actually forwarded it on to you! Got busy with school morning routine and drop off!!!! 🤦‍♀️🤣 silly me!!!
If you would like to use this, or a snippet of this as written feedback on your site or on Instagram etc, you are most welcome! Not sure I’m ready to do an audio version at this stage, as I’m much better at putting my thoughts on paper!!! 😄

There’s a way that Jen communicates, that makes you feel validated, accepted and understood no matter where you are at along your parenting journey… no matter what you’re struggle, she speaks in a way that restores your dignity and confidence. Her words are spoken with great care and consideration for the overall person and how they may interpret that response. She reassures the person and makes them feel like they’re concerns and worries are of value, no matter how trivial they may seem….and

no matter how many times she has heard those same worries or concerns from parents, she still responds with thoughtfulness, showing care for each mother she speaks to- a heart reflection of her work of truly helping us to support OUR sensitive children. She sees the sensitivities of each heart she meets; she sees the value that lies within. So, thank you, Jen. Not only for what you have given me, but what you have given our family! The sun rises on my heart once more. A lovely picture of how I feel 🌄 (It is also rising in the literal sense, as I’m writing this now… after a coaching call with Jen 🤣). Thank you for hearing me, thank you for helping me regain my confidence, thank you for your humour and the way you speak that makes one feel like they matter; I look forward to going on to parent in a way that continually restores my children’s dignity and sense of self-worth every day and makes even their littlest worries feel validated and understood, just as you have shown me. A fresh reminder of how I desired to parent when I first set out on this journey of motherhood but got discouraged along the way.
Such gratitude I feel! I look forward to continually growing and learning so that I can continue to be the best possible support for my 3 children who are so deserving of love, no matter where they are at along their life’s journey. From biggest child, to the littlest! In the happy moments and in the sad. I pray they will experience and feel the same way that you have made us feel.
I personally want to thank you for doing the work in YOUR life and in YOUR heart, and for then going on to share your knowledge with other mums who haven’t yet found the clarity that you were once seeking too!!! Feeling such heartfelt gratitude and thanks! 🙏😊💕   Hannah.

A message on Facebook messenger:

I have to run but I wanted to quickly pop on and say that I truly just think you’re brilliant! I KNOW about thought work/it’s a big part of my passion and life and yet even though I “KNOW” it, you helped me so so so much today. You’re a gift to the world and I hope you know that.

Radelle, Canada


“My 9 year old son came in to the kitchen the other morning and said that he had a ‘warm feeling’ in his tummy…”

Positive parent- confident child image

Mum of 2, Knutsford

“There is no doubt in our minds that this has helped. Its has given us our beautiful little boy back!”

N.G, Warrington.

“Since I have been using the technique that I learnt from you with my daughter it has made me feel more positive as a person. It was a negative year last year for me but i now feel more positive as a person. I have definitely seen an improvement in N’s well being and her tantrums are obviously still there because that is ‘normal’ with her being 3 years old but now they are less frequent and she calms much more quickly now” 

J B- Hale, Cheshire- Mother of five year old boy

” B has been dry 4 out of 5 nights this week after one week into the program! I will keep you posted”

Mum of 2, Bramhall, Cheshire

“I overheard my son the other day playing with his toys in his bedroom singing Today’s a happy day…!”

Mrs. B, Knutsford

“This was a solution to A’s bedwetting. Within the first week of the second stage of the program we learnt, he was getting up and going to the toilet.”

C. Hartigan, Stockport, Cheshire- Mother of 4 children

“Now that i have learnt the technique works I understand and ‘get it’. My son is already waking up in a great mood and feeling better about himself…I will keep you posted with any changes in the next few weeks!”

Three Children

 “I don’t know whether I’m being optimistic but I think I have seen changes already in the first few days of doing the SleepTalk™”

Mrs. C, Cheadle

“Since speaking with you I think about the words I am using now with my daughter and I say to her that she CAN do something”

girl sleeping

“After trying the technique that Jen demonstrated I found my 3 year old to be calmer and more settled with here bedtime routine. The process was very easy to follow and manage. I was made to feel at ease with the simple technique helping us with every step of the way. On the whole it has been a worthwhile contribution to my daughters now very healthy sleeping routine”