The Peaceful Pathway


The practical way for any conscious and “wanna be” peaceful parent to stay on the right path.

I get it.

You have a hundred things to do as a parent and you desperately want to stay on track with your personal development at the same time! It’s why you’re here

And what even Is the right path? The right path is the peaceful path. You will know you are on the right path when you feel peaceful.

You have likely by now been learning some new things and have made some great progress with your understanding of your child’s inner world and their emotions. But as a parent recently realised…this is an ongoing learning. If you want it to be. It doesn’t end. There is no “ I have helped my child now I am done”. There is no fixing your child. It Is a constant discovery of implementing the things that you have learnt and then coming back to check in when new things come up.

When we are at the beginning of a journey of learning, it is wise to keep going and stay connected. Yes, many of your child’s initial issues can be resolved with my help and knowledge in as little as 2-8 weeks however this is an ongoing practise. And too often, people (including myself at times), can slip back to old ways and patterns because they are so hardwired within our brains.

I speak to thousands of parents worldwide who are so passionate and excited about learning this stuff and then life gets in the way and before you know it those things you learnt that you KNOW make a difference to how your family runs and how you and your child feel… well… they just slip away.

Before you know it 3 weeks has passed by and you’ve forgotten to do that family meeting again or you’ve slipped with the routine that you have learnt that you KNOW brings so much happiness to your child’s life and to your home.

So… enough 😊 I’ve decided to open a new program called
The Peaceful Pathway.

This is a simple , straightforward way for you to take what you’ve been taught , keep some level of direct contact with me and at the same time be able to get on with your own life and keep going in the right direction.

Because this is the thing. We can learn new things and invest our time and money but what use are those things if 3 months down the line we forget to implement, or we lose track of where we are up to? We let all the things we worked hard for slip back to how they used to be.  It impacts your happiness and it impacts your child’s happiness

So every week , once a week, you’ll receive an email from me 😊 Same day each week. Think of me like your friend or fairy god mother 😉 checking in on you.

It will prompt you to ask yourself a few questions about what you’ve kept on track with that week and it’ll ask you what your planning to do the week after. It will wire your brain to stay on track because you’ll start remembering that an email is coming to you and it will inspire and motivate you to prioritise what is important.

It’s simply aimed to keep you ON TRACK and to thrive and deeply connect as a family unit. The same way having a gym membership keeps you on the right path if you use it , this will bring you more return on your investment than you realise.

I know for me personally , if I didn’t have a coach for long periods of time , I would have slipped back into old ways and old habits. Very easily!

And I don’t want that for you! I wouldn’t want that for any of us!

Our brain is so hard wired That it really takes consistent effort to move that ship in the right direction. And I know you want that because that’s why you contacted me in the first place whether it was 2 months or 8 months ago.

I see so many parents make incredible changes and I want to support you in keeping those changes going!

So hit the button below to opt in for these emails.

Then we will meet once a month in a one hour call online ( always recorded and emailed to you)

where you’ll receive a training from me to keep you boosted, feeling connected and positive and keep your mindset and learning’s on track and up to date.

I’ll also open for Q+A on this call so you’ll get chance to ask questions and get personal coaching.

As with anything worth doing – I ask for minimum 3 months commitment from you so that you feel like this is something you want to take serious in your life.

The people who make big changes in levels of happiness in life are those who make a commitment. You can catch me speaking at various places online but that isn’t enough for long term change. We need to put a foot in the door and commit to something to make that change along with direct mentoring and support on a consistent basis.

If you’re smiling and thinking this is exactly what you’ve been looking for and you know this is what you need going forwards, click here to go to begin the emails and contact with me.

The first group coaching will begin on Tuesday 19th February @ 7pm GMT.

Value- 3 months of weekly emails to keep you on the straight path and shape your entire life, marriage and family life = £2000.00

Value – Monthly mentoring and coaching calls to boost your mindset and ask any burning questions that shape how your marriage and family life feels and which path you go down = £5000

Your investment Fees: 3 months of mentoring, accountability and direct support to stay on track and continue making positive progress as a peaceful parent – 1 payment of £356.00 ( approx. £118.00 per month).