You just finished work.


What an exhausting and ridiculously busy day.


You just want to switch the laptop off, lay on the couch with a hot chocolate and relax to your favourite podcast.


But your day isn’t done yet!




Not even close!


Your children have been occupying themselves with their homework and playing with their toys in the next room.

 Now it’s time to get dinner ready but dinner prep time comes with a handful of tiresome distractions.

Sarah is playing with her dolls  and has no one to play with so she’s desperately vying for your attention.

“Look at this that I just did!  Come and play with meeeee! ” She calls to you.

She has been struggling with meltdowns recently and quite honestly you are at your whits end.

You’ve read the books, tried all the positive parenting stuff that you read online but NOTHING is making the slightest bit of difference!

You go into your head about it… “ what am I doing wrong? What is wrong with my daughter?”

You hate admitting this stuff to yourself because you regard yourself as a “good Mom” but something isn’t working and it’s becoming too difficult to try and work it out alone and by yourself these days. You are beginning to not even enjoy your relationship with your child recently…not that you would openly admit that. But it’s crossed your mind that this wasn’t how you thought your parenting journey would look and feel. I mean, you knew it wouldn’t be easy…but these constant arguments and battles with your child!? This has been something else!


And it’s been this way for months now.


It’s even having an impact on your relationship and you and your partner are just trying your best to make it through the day; constantly walking on eggshells and trying to reduce your child’s anger and meltdowns.

 It only felt like a minute had passed while you were attending to your children’s needs but you look over at the stove to find out that the pasta is now definitely overcooked and the sauce is definitely burnt.



I used to LOVE cooking!


How the heck am I going to get through the rest of this night?!


…sound familiar?



So here’s what we want to say to you…

Your current reality will only change if you get some support and learn how  to do things differently


Read that again and commit it to memory.

You can only change your life and your relationship with your kids if you make a decision to! And nobody expects you to be able to do this simply from reading a book.

It’s easy to think back to the days when you didn’t have all this responsibility on your shoulders but that’s also a time when you didn’t have your beautiful kiddos in your life.

Sometimes we are blinded by the thoughts we have about our children that we are unable to connect with them emotionally.

This becomes even tougher when we are smack dab in the middle of all overwhelming moments that made up our daily routines.

Maybe for you it’s dinner time.

 Or maybe it’s getting their homework done.
Or helping them to bed.
Or their morning routines.
It can be any number of things.

And to be frank, it doesn’t matter what it is.

You’ve already been to a number of psychologists and counsellors.

You’ve tried reading the books.

You watch all of my videos on Instagram.

You’re inside the Mommy Facebook groups.

You’ve friended the other moms at school.

You even reach out to your children’s teachers to get their input.


So let me take a moment right now to acknowledge you and all your efforts.


 You are doing the absolute best you can with the knowledge and tools you have!

That’s how I know you’re ready for a drastic change in the way you parent so that you can have a closer, more meaningful and more loving relationship with your beautiful children.

You want to heal your own childhood wounds so that you don’t pass your pain onto your child.


 You want to learn how to boost your child’s confidence and resilience!

I want to help you do just that!

Your Mentor 



Jen has coached almost 1000 parents worldwide during the last 10 years and in 99% of cases successfully helped them improve their lives at home within a matter of weeks.

She has featured in British magazines as a parenting advice expert and has featured  as an in-house coach for the online children’s growth mindset company Big Life Journal.

Jen has been named “The Child Whisperer” by Moms worldwide and has been highly rated by famous american actress L A Baker who played Ellen in Will and Grace


She has a track record for showing Moms how to reduce their child’s anger and anxiety by 80% within 6 weeks or less.


Jen Harrison is the owner of Sensitive Child and in 2008 was accredited as a Goulding consultant following intense training with the founder Joane Goulding.

Jen is also a children’s author and loves writing when she is not coaching Mom’s over zoom or facetime.


Sensitive Child was born from 10 years experience supporting and teaching children in the home and classroom, 10 years of studying and training in the field of the mind and body and a lifetime of being a highly sensitive natured person ( so she has a lot of experience to share about how your child feels and what to do to make positive changes in their behaviour).

Jen is delighted to be able to offer parents worldwide effective solutions and support from the comfort of their own home.

So here’s the thing…

We’ve all heard about conscious parenting.

But are you actually practising it?

Do you see other parents around you actively doing it?

Do you have examples from your own life?

Most adults don’t!

Most of the adults that I coach haven’t had a positive role model to look up to when it comes to parenting.

Sometimes when you haven’t been taught something, you have to teach yourself.

But you are NOT alone!

So many parents feel like they want to parent differently than the way they were raised.

And it’s nothing against our own parents.

In most cases, we’re aware that they just didn’t know any better at the time.


But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of unlearning to do.


And it especially doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of healing to do.

Here is what I hear frequently from my clients.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You see yourself in your child and your child triggers your own pain.

You know you get angry and want to stop being the mom who yells at her kiddos all the time.

You worry that you’ll ruin your child’s life.

You feel guilty about not doing a “good job” as a parent because you’ve seen first hand the damage that can be done by your own parent’s mistakes.

You worry history will be repeated. You don’t want to parent the way you were parented but you see parts of that coming through.

You dread public meltdowns and what to do or say when they happen.

You feel like you’re on a different page (maybe even a completely different book) than your partner when it comes to parenting and you hate the arguments that occur because of it.

You feel drained.

You feel overwhelmed.

You feel defeated.

You feel like you are constantly walking around on eggshells.


But you are NOT alone!


“Jen’s wisdom is exceptional! Truly! She is a very intuitive coach and teaches from the soul to the soul. I can not think of a sentence she’s said that hasn’t resonated with me! She is a gift to the world of parenting and highly sensitive people and I’ll be forever grateful our paths crossed.”- Radelle – Founder of Behold The Connection – @beholdtheconnection



“I was nervous at first to invest in one of your programs because I have read so much and spent so much time understanding child development that I was afraid I would only hear things I have already known. That was absolutely not the case. I am SO thankful I invested in more than one of your programs and coaching because it’s helped me as a parent and more importantly as a person- more than any of the books I’ve read ever could”- Mandie Nault, Canada



“I think you are wonderful! I got more out of your IGTV on anxiety than I had in 10 years of therapy!!!”- L.A Baker (Actress who played Ellen in Will + Grace and a Mom in Good Luck Charlie).



You are in the right place Mama!

You already know this but you cannot pour from an empty cup.

This means that if you are feeling down, overwhelmed or overworked, you cannot give the kind of love and support you want to anyone around you!

And I know that if you’ve made it this far down the page and you’re still here reading, you ARE a wonderful mother.


You want to…

>>> Heal your own childhood wounds

>>> Have guidance around how to consciously parent your child in an overwhelming moment (as it happens… without having to wait for your next therapy session)

>>> Feel calmer so that you see yourself and your relationship with your child differently

>>>See your children go to bed without them constantly getting out of bed and coming back downstairs to you every night

>>>Have time to talk to your husband about anything else other than what to do about the kids behaviour…again

>>> Know exactly what to say to your child to help them self regulate

>>> Rely on yourself for the answers instead of Google, outdated books or even the way your parents taught you

>>> Stop feeling so helpless, frustrated and exhausted!

That is why I am so excited to introduce you to…




Twice weekly online group coaching calls with rotating times to suit different time zones- get your questions answered by speaking with Jen


Ongoing personal support from Jen in the Facebook group- type your questions in real time + have Jen respond to you with guidance specifically for you! 



Monthly live video coaching- topics for 2020 include anger management, sibling rivalry, being a sensitive parent, reducing fear and overwhelm and more!



Regular live streams teaching powerful parenting processes



Handy worksheets to help you feel organized + motivated



 Monthly Kids mindfulness coaching classes- get your kids involved or show them the replay!



Over 20 hours of coaching call replays to listen back to in your own time, packed with GOLD!



And more!


A private 30 min 1:1 call with Jen- Jen has a gift that allows her to get right to the root of the problem within 5 minutes- so a lot can happen within these 30 min calls!



Access to any program or product that Jen has produced! What?! Yes! That is right. There are hours of coaching recordings and top tips waiting for you! As well as a children’s book!



Access to any NEW program or product that Jen chooses to produce during the time that you work together. That’s right. So whenever there is a new mini course running- you will be the first to know about it and get free access to it!



This is easily a $3000 program but we are not going to be asking you to invest anywhere near that.



Right now you can access all of this support and guidance for a fraction of that because Jen is passionate about getting this support out to those who are ready for it and need it.







There’s a way that Jen communicates, that makes you feel validated, accepted and understood no matter where you are at along your parenting journey, she speaks in a way that restores your dignity and confidence. Thank you, Jen. Not only for what you have given me, but what you have given our family! The sun rises on my heart -the literal sense, as I’m writing this now… after a coaching call with Jen. Thank you for hearing me, thank you for helping me regain my confidence, thank you for your humour.



 I look forward to going on to parent in a way that continually restores my children’s dignity and sense of self-worth every day and makes even their littlest worries feel validated and understood, just as you have shown me. A fresh reminder of how I desired to parent when I first set out on this journey of motherhood but got discouraged along the way.



Such gratitude I feel! I look forward to continually growing and learning so that I can continue to be the best possible support for my 3 children who are so deserving of love, I pray they will experience and feel the same way that you have made us feel.”

Hannah- Australia



“There is no doubt in our minds that this has helped. It’s given us our beautiful little boy back!”  Mum of 2, England.






  1. Will this program help me even if I’ve seen doctors and counsellors before?

Absolutely. Jen has counselled hundreds of parents who came to her as the last resort, meaning they had already spent time and money on a play therapist, psychologist and such. Jen is famous for being the “last resort” in many cases and can provide answers and solutions for parents where other professionals have not been able to.


  1. How long is the program?

The Peaceful Pathway is 6 months. Think of this as coming to spend 6 months with Jen and having her up close and personal in your home- guiding you every step of the way.


  1. My life is really busy and I don’t know if I can follow along. How long do I have access to the program material?

We hear you. This is not school. Think of this as a safe and nurturing space for you to get what you need. If you can’t get to the live calls- we have your back! You will receive the recordings each week to you by email and have ongoing access to them for the life of the program- to go back to at any point.


  1. Can my child learn from this program with me?

Yes! We have an amazing mindfulness teacher called Lindsay who specialises in teaching children about how to calm their emotions down and be brave and see themselves as the superstar that they are. You will love it and so will your child! These classes happen once a month.


  1. Will there be 1:1 support for me?

You bet! You will have Jen at hand throughout the week to get 1:1 support from her in the Facebook forum. Just type in your question and she will get back to you within 48 hours Mon-Fri with a personalised response just for you! You will also receive a 3o min 1:1 call to use with Jen at any point throughout the program.


  1. I am still not sure and keep going over it in my head. Will this work for us?

Jen has worked with 1000’s of parents and coached parents with struggles ranging from children being on the verge of exclusion from school, children being on medication under a nurse all the way to children with OCD and high anxiety. I get it. To you this looks like one big mess. To Jen it is a really simple solution- she sees this daily and you are no different and you are not beyond help.


  1. When does this begin?

As soon as you choose to join us! Jen is already over there speaking to over 22 other women who are changing their lives :). This is an ongoing group coaching. As a matter of fact- 90% of the ladies chose to stay for another 6 months because they were loving it so much. Warning: You may not want to leave 😉




It would be so easy to go away after reading this and tell yourself that things will work themselves out at home.



The reality is they are not going to change without you making a change.



In 6 months time, the reality is that the nightmare in your home is going to continue. The arguments with your husband are going to drive a further wedge between you and your son or daughter will likely end up feeling even more worthless with low self esteem.



If you don’t act now, this nightmare of yours will continue and you will still need to come back to it to change it around…it will just take more work in another 6 months to turn it all around.



Will you allow Jen to hold your hand and guide you so that you don’t need to feel alone and work this out yourself?



Will you put an end to this confusion and overwhelm now so that you can start actually breathing again and feeling some sort of calm?


Click below to hear a few words from Jen about the The Peaceful Pathway


If your answer is “Yes!” we look forward to working with you. Click Join The Peaceful Pathway and we will see you in the group!