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 Firstly, I want to assure you that you’re not the only parent who is coming to this page today

Your child is likely feeling anxious right now and you’re seeing this on a daily basis. You’ve tried everything you know as to how to help them but you can see them slipping every day into fear and its affecting their enjoyment of life

Are you feeling frustrated and lost for answers as you try to help them?

Relax…you are in the right place. I would love to help you resolve things before your stressful days just become “the norm” and you merely cope. You and your child deserve way more than that!

Is your child:

  • Showing signs of anxiety and lacking in confidence such as restless sleep, fussy eating, bedwetting, meltdowns, frequent tears, anger outbursts or that certain habit that they do such as putting their face down to their shoulder or making a Little Girl in Parkfunny noise?


  •  Not wanting to go to nursery, school or extra activities with other children


  • Struggling with confidence in new places?


  • By your side every time you turn around and needing your attention even when at home?


  • Telling you that they “don’t feel well” and you don’t know what it is despite the fact that you’ve been to your GP and they have said that there is nothing medically wrong with your child


If you were nodding and quietly saying “yes” to any of the above then I can help…

Hi, I am Jenny Harrison and I work with parents just like you.

JennyParents who know deep down that there must be some way to be able to help their own child.

Parents who scroll through the internet trying to find answers while asking themselves with feelings of guilt, “Is there something wrong with me as a parent? Is it me?”


Parents who are fed up of being “fobbed off” and left in no-mans land by some professionals and told that their child will just “grow out of it…” what ever IT is.

I’ve had to go through all of this to bring this to you today

I can completely relate to how you AND your child feel.

I have been a sensitive child who felt mis-understood by her parents and teachers.

Raised by loving parents who just didn’t have the tools and understanding to be able to support me and to resolve any unwanted feelings left me feeling anxious and withdrawn. 

I would often complain of a tummy ache and go home from school- not knowing how else to explain to my parents and teachers how I felt at school. That was the only way I could gain their attention. Because every one listens to you when you have physical symptoms don’t they?!

Sometimes when children tell you that they “don’t feel well” and they are also showing signs of lacking in confidence,  it can be that they don’t know any other way to tell you that they are feeling unsure, nervous and even frightened.

I know this because I was like that as a young child

I have been an adult who at the age of 21 felt stressed, depressed, anxious and physically exhausted- the GP told me it was chronic fatigue.

Because I never really, truly tapped into my true self and gifts I would go from job to job trying to find something that felt right.

Not feeling understood and not feeling confident enough to open up about how I felt as a child led me to exhaustion in my adulthood when “people pleasing” and not having the confidence in myself to go for what I really wanted became normal.

Yet I spent so much of my younger life feeling that there was something wrong with me.

I now know there is nothing wrong with me- I just never felt able to express my true self. I always felt like I had to fit in.

I now realise that how I was spoken to as a child hugely impacted on who I believed I was as an adult. 

This affected the choices that I made in my life from the relationships I chose to the careers that I entered into and the health challenges that I faced. 

I now no longer have chronic fatigue.

I now no longer feel mis-understood or stressed.

I now no longer carry a feeling of “I’m not OK”.

I now understand how important it is to always treat the root cause of any given behaviour or symptom.

And I have realised something INCREDIBLE. That I am a highly sensitive and intuitive woman which means I find it easy to understand deeply how people are feeling and what is blocking them from just being themselves.

I have a huge desire to teach- to empower and to help others be their true, unique self. 

I want to teach you that you can empower yourself to help yourself AND your child…lets face it- who enjoys relying on others for answers? It makes you feel so vulnerable! 

So in order to help you I have pulled together all of my expertise and personal experience for you and created my unique program:

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Super Support For Your Sensitive Child

 This support programme is specifically designed to:

  • Positive parent- confident child imageHelp you understand why your child is behaving the way that they are and what you can do to change this


  • How you can effectively resolve the root cause of their behaviour with an easy proven technique endorsed by medical professionals and practitioners around the world and that one that I highly recommend as I have seen the results with 100’s of children


  • What anger and meltdowns are telling you about how your child is feeling and how to reduce this and support your child


  • Teach you the key secrets to raising a confident child that you will not be told by other professionals


  • Help you understand how you are wiring your sons or daughters brains with your words and how to do this in a way that makes your child feel OK


  • Deepen your understanding around how to support your child when they have high sensitivity to help them feel secure.


  • Allow you to understand your child and how they may be feeling overwhelmed in certain situations and 5 ways to help them feel more relaxed and confident


  • Show you the 5 key secrets that may make a huge difference to the way that you and your child feel each day


  • Understand how your child’s mind works and how you can positively grow their mind in a positive way which will then change how they are feeling


  • Learn practical ways to engage your child in a conversation about their feelings


  • Learn about the power of touch and other ways that communicate love on a daily basis – the key to a child’s self esteem and ability to feel peace

Super Support For Your Sensitive Child

When you start to understand your child’s emotions and become the kind of parent that can guide their own child you end up with:

  • parentA child who feels understood and accepted which means they achieve at school, enjoy activities and face life with a deep feeling of “I’m OK” or even.., “I’m pretty awesome!
  • A child who knows how to understand their own feelings and how to confidently ask for what they want in their life without needing to demand or have a tantrum
  • A child who will grow up into a confident, self-assured adult and will have you to thank for that
  • A child who feels safe within themselves to explore what excites them and find their own unique talents and gifts
  • A child who feels connected to their parents and to themselves
  • A relationship with your partner that allows you to feel love which means you enjoy positive conversations around other things than your child…conversations that make you feel alive again
  • A feeling of peace and quiet confidence which means you feel powerful within yourself as you enjoy telling friends how you know the secrets to having a happy, content child
  • A chance to look at your own life which means you get to go to the gym now, feel great in your new clothes, approach that new career and generally get back to being the amazing person that you are and not a Parent with a child with “problems”.  The peace of mind to spend time doing something YOU like that will add peace and happiness to YOUR own life

 I want to deliver to you mountains of value…

This support programme could easily be valued at £595 for the amount of content that it contains but because I want to make this an easy decision for amazing Parents that just want the best for their child I am not going to put the investment at anywhere near that figure…

“I can’t tell you the incredible feeling I got from knowing that we as parents had helped our little boy to be himself again…

Life had become VERY stressful with my youngest son T’ who was 5yrs old at the time.

parent 1 - white

He seemed to be feeling very anxious and he wasn’t able to communicate his feelings of worry, so it came out through physical reactions. He developed a ‘habit cough’ which he would repeat every few seconds. It was extremely distressing as a mum, not understanding why he was doing this.

Jenny’s strong belief in the work that she taught shone through and it made me feel that she was the person to help me. I couldn’t wait to get started.

We noticed that things had started to settle down, not only with the cough but ‘T’ seemed to have grown in confidence in other ways, he was happy to go to friends for tea, join in with team sports, all things that perhaps unnerved him.

Within around 10 weeks the cough had practically gone.

It was very empowering and I would strongly recommend this work to anyone. We continue to use the process that she taught us every night with both our children and from this work with Jenny I now understand the importance for a child to feel it’s totally and utterly okay to be them.”

Claire Bossons


“I feel calmer and more in control, it’s a great feeling…

My eyes filled up with tears of happiness when my 5 year old son came out of the toilets with Daddy proudly saying that he dried his hands under the loud hand dryer.

He has previously been completely freaked out by loud noises and as soon as he finished the toilet, tried to avoid even washing his hands saying that he didn’t need to dry them under the hand dryer.

This time he was competing with Daddy as to who will dry them quicker, he or daddy. And he said himself, he was very brave.

I feel calmer and more in control, it’s a great feeling. I’m looking forward to another week.”

J. Gorst, Mother of 2 children, Lancs. UK.


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You are the most influential person in your child’s life which makes you the best person to work with your child.

The alternative is to have to visit an out-side source and take your child to a counsellor or psychologist.

This can be a scary prospect and will make you feel useless and drive a message to your child that there is something wrong with them.

I am not suggesting that seeking advise from a therapist isn’t a good idea. This is always a great step when concerned about our childs wellbeing.

What I am suggesting is that it doesn’t need to be the ONLY way that you help your child and that you as the parent, really do hold a big key to your child’s happiness simply because you are the most influential person in their life.

How do I know? I was that child at 10 years of age. I felt anxious at school. It was offered by school to go to a counsellor. Did it help me? No.

Did I enjoy going to see someone I didn’t know? No.

I would much rather have been helped on a deeper level at home and not had any further attention put onto the anxiety that I was feeling. As a young child who felt uncomfortable, I already felt like there was something wrong with me…!

So let’s re-cap…

What you are getting from this course:

  • 5 Audios which cover the following topics:
    • Audio 1- The Gift- how you as a parent can help your child with their current struggles. The loving and non – invasive way to communicate love to your child in a way that helps them to feel calm , confident and self- secure 

    • Audio 2- The infamous process that has been learnt by hundreds of parents and medical professionals worldwide. How The Goulding Process supports and develops your child’s emotional resilience and self- esteem

    • Audio 3- How To do the Process at home and setting goals for your child’s happiness over the next 12 weeks.

    • Audio 4- How To Speak with your child about their feelings and practical life skills that you can teach them for to support their current and future mental and emotional well being.

    • Audio 5- 5 practical ways to build your child’s confidence and happiness

  • An easy, straight forward guide to help you put techniques into place to help your child feel confident and happy within themselves in a way that has you noticing changes in front of your very eyes
  • A more calmer way of living; bringing deep loving connections into your family home- perhaps a feeling that you didn’t even have in your own childhood
  • A way of gaining expert advise and support in the comfort of your own home from a trained expert and one that knows exactly how your child feels
  • An effective way to be able to bring home new information and coach your partner in your own environment on how to best support the most important little person in your lives…your child.

Because I want to make sure that this is really easy for you to say “YES” to yourself and get this support that you truly deserve I am for a limited time only offering all of this to you at:

Payment of £44.00 Click Button Below



“After one week I saw results…”

Within a week Charlie was letting go, using his potty and was not scared. He now after about six weeks is going to the toilet himself and does it all alone and is no longer scared at all. He uses public toilets and school toilets without any fear- how amazing!

Mum of two children, Cheshire, England.

J Gorst

“What I love most about this course is that I get to learn what I want to learn and I can do this myself.

I can take the knowledge that I gained and coach my other half at home, which is an environment he feels totally confident in so there is more chance of him being receptive to it” –

Antonina Andreeva. Founder of The Coachinista


What would it be worth to you to be able to change your child’s behaviour yourself?

What is this stress costing your health and relationship right now?

While you may be deciding whether or not things are “stressful enough yet” to ask for support and an answer to resolve it your child is getting used to this feeling of anxiety. 

They are writing a story within their mind of what it means to be them. 

The powerful mind that your child possesses is recording all of their feelings and memories and is using this as a foundation platform for the rest of their lives

 Can you really afford not to give This support programme to your child today?

To you and your child’s happiness,

Jenny 1P.S Your child will thank you for this when they are older.

P.P.S Where do you think you got all your beliefs and personality from? Your parents.

Below are five 3 minutes excerpts from the This support programme – A Toolkit of confidence and calm for your child

Audio 1- The Gift- how you as a parent can help your child with their current struggles. The loving and non – invasive way to communicate love to your child in a way that helps them to feel calm , confident and self- secure

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3 Minute Audio File 1

Audio 2- The infamous process that has been learnt by hundreds of parents and sleeptalklogomedical professionals worldwide. How The Goulding Process supports and develops your child’s emotional resilience and self- esteem.

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3 Minute Audio File 2



Audio 3- How To do the Process at home and setting goals for your child’s sleeptalklogohappiness over the next 12 weeks.

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3 Minute Audio 3


Audio 4- How To Speak with your child about their feelings and practical life skills that you can teach them for to support their current and future mental and emotional well being.

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3 Minute Audio 4

Audio 5- 5 practical ways to build your child’s confidence and happiness

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3 Minute Audio 5




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