I get it.


You have a hundred things to do as a parent and you desperately want to stay on track with your personal development and improve the way that you and your child feel at the same time!


It’s why you’re here.


You first came to me because you were really struggling with your child. Maybe they were having daily meltdowns, perhaps they were feeling anxious and no matter how many books you read on conscious parenting you were only getting so far with helping your child and felt like you would go back to ‘square one’.  Whatever your reason for contacting me- there is no doubt about it, you are feeling drained with it all deep down.


No matter how much you told yourself that it was okay, that it didn’t really matter and that things would work themselves out; you chose to do something to change your circumstances and that takes courage.


I was inspired to create this program to support women like yourself to stay on the “right path”.


What even Is the right path? The right path is the peaceful path. You will know you are on the right path when you feel peaceful. On a more regular basis. Are you going to always have days and times that you don’t feel peaceful? Sure. You are human after all. But do you need to constantly feeling on edge and overwhelmed? No. And I know this because I don’t feel that way anymore. I used to live that way. It used to be my normal and now it isn’t. Peace is more normal for me to feel and the other feelings that I don’t enjoy as much are now more like the passing clouds that come and go.


There are certain things that we need to do on a consistent basis to remain on that path of feeling good. I have put effort into changing my life from panic attacks and feeling lost to now feeling informed, peaceful and more comfortable within myself on a day to day basis.


So, when you know that you want to make some big changes in your life and your children’s lives; it does take effort and work but what you need to know throughout this is that you are not alone.

This is because you’ll have my support for at least the next six months.


Many women say to me that they love the idea of being a part of something and learning and growing alongside other women who have the same outlook on life as they do and also have similar current struggles that they are working through.


I hear women say to me on a very regular basis,

“ I am so relieved to know that it isn’t just me that is struggling with this.”


I also feel that women like to be part of a group. There is something wonderful that comes from group interaction…especially for women.


You have likely by now been learning some new things either via one of my books or online programs or maybe you have been watching me speak online or on Instagram and you just immediately felt like I was somebody who could direct and guide you to help your children feel less anxious. Many women say to me something like, “ I don’t know how I landed on your page but I feel like it was for a reason,” or “I felt understood for the first time in my life when I spoke to you.” So, if you are new around here; I just want to let you know that that is okay 😊 Some women just know that I am the person to help them and they dive straight on in into learning. Plus, they want the support and they want that support and learning for a long period of time because they know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and they want to know that that support isn’t going anywhere soon too. 😉 It makes sense why you would feel this way because we ALL want to feel supported at times especially when we are struggling with something and don’t know how to change it yet.


Perhaps you have made some great progress with your understanding of your child’s inner world and their emotions. But as a parent recently realised…this is an ongoing learning. If you want it to be. It doesn’t end. There is no “I have helped my child now I am done”. There is no fixing your child. It Is a constant discovery of implementing the things that you have learnt and then coming back to check in when new struggles come up. As they inevitably do. 😉 This is where that constant knowing of “I have somewhere to go to get support on a regular basis” comes in and makes a difference to how women feel when parenting children.


When we are at the beginning of a journey of learning, it is wise to keep going and stay connected. Yes, many of your child’s initial issues can be resolved with my help and knowledge in as little as 2-8 weeks however this is an ongoing practise. And too often, people (including myself at times), can slip back to old ways and patterns because they are so hardwired within our brains. As one woman recently said to me, “I am so glad that you suggested The Peaceful Pathway for me because speaking to you on a monthly basis wasn’t enough. I kept going back to old ways of doing things and this group is making me be more aware of things and what I am learning on a regular basis, plus it is really nice to be a part of a group with other ladies.”


If you have deep things to work on with yourself and your child, you are going to need to do something that gives you a long term network of support, that gives you a safe space where you feel supported and you are guided in the right direction. Otherwise it all just feels too consuming and we give up or stay stuck. And I wouldn’t want that for anybody—I know how that feels and it’s just awful. It is NO way to live.


I speak to thousands of parents worldwide who are so passionate and excited about learning this stuff and then life gets in the way and before you know it those things you learnt that you KNOW make a difference to how your family runs and how you and your child feel… well… they just slip away.


I have recently begun working with 15 women who are on this journey right now. I have seen the massive changes that have happened already for them and their children because they chose to put the work in and make the changes. And I have felt called to open my schedule up to more women so that you too can benefit from these life changes in the same way that they are.


I told them that I would only keep that group at 15 people for the 6 months that they spent with me and I am honouring that and so I have decided to open up a separate group for you to come along and learn from me.




The Peaceful Pathway


This is a simple , straightforward way for you to come and learn with me, keep some level of direct contact with me on a weekly basis because this is what it takes to get the support that you need and at the same time be able to get on with your own life and keep going in the right direction.


Because this is the thing. We can learn new things and invest our time and money in a short program or book but what use are those things if 3 months down the line we forget to implement, or we lose track of where we are up to? We let all the things we worked hard for slip back to how they used to be.  It impacts your happiness and it impacts your child’s happiness.


2 Moms recently said to me something along the lines of, “ I have read so many parenting books but I always felt like something was missing.”


I will tell you what I told them. That “something” is human connection. When you work with a coach- a human being- you get the chance to feel connection- to feel understood by somebody and to be listened to by somebody. I mean really listened to. That is what is missing from a book. That real human interaction.


Our brain is so hard wired That it really takes consistent effort to move that ship in the right direction. And I know you want that because that’s why you contacted me in the first place whether it was 2 months or 8 months ago.


I see so many parents make incredible changes and I want to support you in keeping those changes going!


I am excited to commit a large chunk of my working schedule to this group alone. I will be focusing in on you, how you’re feeling, how your children are doing and really getting to know YOU and your children over the next 6 months. This will not be a group where you’ll be unknown.

If you are like me, you don’t want to join a program where you’re just one of a crowd. You want to be known. You want to feel valued and heard and seen. I know that your family relationships are important to you and I know that likely nobody is pouring into YOUR cup right now. And I’m offering to be that person for the next six months by listening to you, understanding what your needs are and what your child needs and helping YOU as a unique person to figure this all out….without feeling like you are walking alone.

How this will all work:

This means that for the next six months you’ll be receiving:

  • A 30 min personal call with me (to be used at any time during the six months) Yes, just you and me on a call with a recording of this call sent to you so that you can listen back to this whenever you forget things or have a “wobble”. This is a private time to discuss anything that is on your mind.


  • Full access to any programs and resources that I have produced and any products that I choose to produce during the six months that we work together. This includes a few online products as well as my eBook and children’s book Just As You Are. This means that you will get VIP access to anything that I choose to produce in the time that we walk together. 


  • A LIVE weekly group 1 hour coaching call held on ZOOM, with the opportunity to come and speak with me and listen to me coach other women, which is likely going to answer a lot of your questions too. You can know that that call is there every week for you to come and ask for coaching or to join in and simply sit back and feel support by listening. These calls are held on the same day each week and I hold the call at 3 different, rotating times so that you get an opportunity to join in and attend no matter which time zone you are in in this world. 😊


  • A FACEBOOK forum just for this group, where I invite you to ask questions , share your learnings and ask to be held accountable by posting things such as, “I am working on not shouting at my child this week and I am posting this here to be held accountable and I will share how I got on with that next week”.

By posting in the forum, you hold yourself accountable (which I have personally found is key in my life) and you take responsibility for your own growth. This is going to be so transformative for people.

 I also invite you to share your mistakes in this group, such as “I made a mistake today, I ******… and it didn’t make me or my child happy. The purpose of this is to be seen for your own flaws and mistakes.

It is only when we open up in a vulnerable way about who we are and what we are doing that we allow others to accept us.

This can seem a scary prospect for many people because we are SO used to feeling shame and hiding our flaws and pretending that we are okay but I will talk you through how to do this and this alone is going to be key in you beginning to feel that you aren’t a “bad” person, which so many people believe about themselves and instead you are deeply worthwhile and deserve to be loved.


  • As all things in this unique program, this is for you to do what you choose and there are no expectations of you to do any of these suggestions. You make it your own unique experience to suit your needs at any time during the time that we journey together. There are no program police 😉 Take as much or as little from the program and time as you wish.


  • I intend to be in this Facebook group 2-3 times a week to answer your questions if you choose to post them in the group. This means that you have ongoing access to me and my support through the week for when things come up for you; no need to wait until the next call. This allows me to give you an answer on reply through the week that will give you enough advise to see what your next step is. This is important because it gives you tons of support because you know that if something comes up, you can post a question in the group forum and I will be answering it within 24-48 hours. You will also find that another member of the group may offer you support and advise too as this is what happens within my other coaching group. 😊


  • 2 in depth child evaluations- one to be filled out by you at home at the start of your journey with me and one towards month 3.  This is helpful for me and you to see where your child is at right now and then we can purposefully tailor things to help them progress. It is useful information for me so that I can give you the support that YOU need in this group specific to your child’s current needs.


  • A kids mini coaching session will be dropped into the forum space every month! One amazing Mom in the UK recently told me that she has been using these sessions as part of her home schooling classes. Her and her son have been watching the videos on replay and he has been learning A LOT from them! This will be a course spread out over six months with a mini session (approx. 10 mins in length to suit kids) posted each month.


  • The topics will be suitable for kids ages 4+ to benefit from some wisdom and personally tailored towards things that you tell me your kids are struggling with right now such as:



  • How to feel good about themselves and stop comparing to friends
  • Ways to relax themselves when they feel anxious
  • What anger is and learning about emotions
  • How to talk to you when they feel angry or anxious instead of bottling it up
  • Affirmations and mental shifting exercises and much more.
  • There will also be resources provided such as printable and worksheets during some of those sessions where appropriate.


My intention with this program is that you can relax and benefit from psychologically knowing that we are HERE, and this ‘container’ is here for you. We’ve got your back. And we aren’t going anywhere.

When you feel this level of support in the background on a consistent basis; this is what gives you the energy to move forward, make changes, have conversations with your husband around topics that you’ve been putting off , give your children what they need and have conversations with them that are less tense because you are feeling more supported on a consistent basis. The boost of support really does provide that for you to tap into.


I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t taken advantage of a support network for years ongoing. There have been times when I’ve been able to stick to new routines and ways of living without that support because I was fully strong enough and my brain had rewired itself. But I can say hand on heart from personal experience, I would be in a completely different place, completely, if I hadn’t taken on support for myself on a consistent basis. I needed that. I was too stuck in my old ways to be able to clearly see what I needed back then. What a blessing that has been for me. And I’d like to offer you that same blessing.


This consistency of support is the same way having a gym membership keeps you on the right path if you use it, this will bring you more return on your investment than you realise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not sure I want to commit to six months or invest my money for coaching for myself for six months.

A: I hear you. The other option outside of this is to find a support network and somebody else that can guide you and hold a space for you for a long period of time. Joining short programs and going to different events just won’t cut it. I’ve been there and done that and although I learnt a lot of stuff, I still didn’t feel emotionally supported and I was just flying against the wind; trying to find something without knowing what it was that I really needed.

So, you’d need to find something that offers you support for at least a six month period so that you can relax and bask in that support whilst making changes and learning and growing along the way. It’s likely you’ve got some pain to heal too because we all have. And a long period of support will enable you to tap into that support and heal yourself and your brain. The brain is so hard wired that it really takes consistent effort to move that ship in the right direction.

I would also advise you to have a think about what your current pain and struggle is costing you already. We ALWAYS pay with something, whether that is with your time or our money. Right now, you’re paying with your health, your own time and your relationships, which you can’t ever get back and while you continue to do that – nothing Is changing. In six months’ time from now, you will likely just be in the same place as you are now – only feeling more defeated and disconnected from your kids and your partner if you have a partner. So, which is most important to you? The investment of the money or investment of your time, your health, your mental wellbeing and your relationships with your kids and your partner?


Q: Will I get a chance to speak with you if there are other women in the group on the calls?

A: In my experience, about 50% of the group usually comes LIVE to the calls. I can’t guarantee this to be the case however it is what has happened in 90% of the times that I have done a coaching call. This means that it is likely that you will have a chance to speak with me on the call if you come at the beginning and request in the chat box to speak with me. I will get through as many questions as I comfortably can in that 1 hour and I never rush and always make time for each individual because you matter.

Don’t forget, you have opportunities to ask questions in written format in the FACEBOOK group as well, along with the fact that you will get answers by listening to me coach others. I can’t tell you the amount of times women say, my question was the same as the person who just spoke and it really helped me.

I will be guaranteeing that every single person is prioritised every month to get 15 mins coaching on a call with me. So, once you have had that opportunity, if the call is quiet on the week that you attend and there is chance for you to ask questions- of course you will get chance to speak with me. I am intending that everyone will get exactly what they need. Some weeks you may not want to speak, and you may just want to come along and listen and learn.


Q: I am not sure that I feel comfortable about speaking in front of others about my struggles. I really want to join but I feel ashamed and afraid of what others may think of me

A: Many people have shared this same concern- so you are not alone. The purpose of this group is that you can practise being vulnerable in small doses within a safe space. The fact that you are asking me this question means that you feel some shame. And that shame is blocking you from feeling loveable and loved. Which is what you want.

Every woman is here for the same purpose as you. All are struggling. All feel like they are failing in some way and most importantly ALL want help. So, you are not alone. You will have me there supporting you. You will be safe.


Q: I won’t be able to make all the calls because of work or time zone differences will I get value out of this time?

A: Yes. You can post questions in the group whenever you like, you will get all call recordings each week emailed to you and the course will included resources to use outside of the calls- so it isn’t just about the calls- there is value in and outside of the calls for you.


Q: I would like to check in with you as and when I feel like it and I am not sure about committing to 6 months.

A: I will be spending the remaining time in my schedule now with this group. I do not plan to run any further programs that are short term and at this time of writing, I am not providing 1-1 coaching. I do not provide ad hoc calls because I don’t believe in their ability to help people. What you really need for REAL change, is longer term support and therefore I am delighted to run this program to provide what people need.


Q: Will I get the same benefit from this as if I was with you in person. I wonder if I will get what I need in this format by speaking with you over zoom and online?

A: Yes , it makes sense that you would wonder about this . What you really want is to know that you will be seen and heard and valued as a person with us not being face to face. I can clearly see what somebody needs whether they are in front of me or on a call to me. I don’t even need to see your face to know what you need or to help you to support your child’s growth and wellbeing. We will open the video up on the calls if people want to put their video on ( not a requirement- it’s a choice). Above all, it makes zero difference in my ability to coach you.


I want to address another thing that is of importance.  I don’t know if you’re aware of this but once you’ve helped your child and begin to understand them more deeply, leading to greater peace for the both of you, along with much greater connection and bond, you may feel a ‘loss’.

You’ve likely had an anxious child for a while and it becomes something to focus on and ‘do’. But what happens when your child is no longer anxious and is happily living their own life? You’re left with you. And many women tell me that they’ve realised through our work together that they aren’t happy.

One Mom in Australia changed her career after six months coaching with me because she realised the way she was living her life wasn’t working for her. Another Mom in America wrote to me just last week and described how she was realising that she’s actually been unhappy for many , many years despite the fact that her child is now beginning to feel happier and showing signs of more confidence.

So this time spent together won’t be just about ‘how to help your child’ because that isn’t the full picture. It will also be laser focused on YOU, my dear.

You are special and important too, you know. So during this six months spent with me, we will make sure there’s opportunity for you to relax, make clearer decisions for yourself, maybe change a few things if you feel necessary and look at what’s stopping you from growing and feeling happy.

Even if you think you feel happy… I bet that deep down there’s WAY more happiness that you could tap into that you don’t even recognise or are aware of yet. I feel like I’m speaking to myself here from 5 years ago when I wrote that. That was me. I’m closing my eyes and sighing with happiness right now as I realise the commitments and changes I’ve made in my own life and the peace that has given to me.


Your investment in yourself and your family

As with anything worth doing – I ask for minimum 6 months commitment from you so that you feel like this is something you want to take serious in your life.


I am committing my time and delivering my wisdom and experience to you that I have invested my own time and money into gaining. And I ask for you to make that commitment to yourself too. You deserve it.


The people who make big changes in their levels of happiness in life (and I mean real happiness – not happiness that comes and goes) are those who make a commitment.


You can catch me speaking at various places on-line , writing for magazines and guest coaching for leading companies in the field of child development and growth mindset but that isn’t enough for long term change. You can tap into me in bits on those platform’s but it just won’t cut it or be enough for LONG TERM change. You need more that than. You need a focus and a place to come to each week where you feel known personally.


We need to put a foot in the door and commit to something to make that change along with direct mentoring and support on a consistent basis.


If you’re smiling and thinking this is exactly what you’ve been looking for and you know this is what you need going forwards,


Re-cap on what I’m providing here:

In summary a whole 6 months experience of being held within a ‘container’ of support with me providing weekly coaching and support to teach you what you need to know so that you can walk on the peaceful pathway filled with everything that you need to learn how to reduce your child’s current worries and lack of confidence, give you the chance to feel seen and heard along with shaping your entire life, marriage, life time relationship with your child and family life.

Your investment Fees to receive this support:

The value of this program is easily $6,000 and will likely increase to that at some point during the coming year.

For a limited time; and for the first 15 women to join this program, I’ll be offering this time with me for six months for $1,146 US dollar.

When those first 15 places are full, the investment fees will increase.

Your next step is to choose a payment option.

You have two payment options

Option 1 – To pay this is one full one-off payment of $1,146 US Dollar / (approx. £945.00 GBP) total

Option 2 – Or you can opt in to the 3 part payment plan and pay $420 (approx. £345 GBP)  every 2 months ($210 per month- approx. £173.00 GBP)

See Payment Links Below:

If you have read this far- good for you! That tells me this is important to you.


I know that it helps you to hear from other women like yourself, so I have included below some testimonials from recent women that I have coached. In all honesty, we get feedback like this on a nearly daily basis, so it is impossible to show all of that to you. Most of the women that come to me for coaching just know that I am the right person for them to work with. They know deep down.


However, if you also are a detailed person, you will do well going to www.sensitivechild.co.uk and reading the case studies tab and the “What parents say” tab as well as the parent feedback tab on our highlights button on the Instagram page. Here is what a few of the women I have coached had to say about their individual experience:



L.A Baker ( Actress who played Ellen in Will and Grace and a Mom in Good Luck Charlie)-

“I think you are wonderful! I got more out of your IGTV on anxiety than I had in 10 years of therapy!!!”



Radelle Jenson: “Jens wisdom is exceptional! Truly! She is a very intuitive coach and teachers from the soul to the soul. I cannot think of a sentence she’s said that hasn’t resonated with me! She is a gift to the world of parenting and highly sensitive people and I’ll be forever grateful our paths crossed!”


Kim Johnson: “ Jen Is an amazing individual who shares her life passion of supporting children and adults alike. I have had the privilege of being coached by Jen and she has helped me personally move on in my life. If you get the opportunity to access the courses then please do as Jen is inspiring.”


Mandie Nault: “I was nervous at first to invest in one of your programs because I have read so much and spent so much time understanding child development that I was afraid I would only hear things I have already known. That was absolutely not the case. I am SO thankful I invested in more than one of your programs and coaching because it’s helped me as a parent and more importantly as a person-more than any of the books I’ve read ever could.”


Abby Pettitt: “ Jen’s caring nature helps keep you supported throughout your journey.”


Becci Ray (Facebook group manager for Big Life Journal) :

 I am taking part in Jen’s 6 Week Program to help my sensitive child. Already I can not believe the differences I’m seeing in sleep and general positivity. Jen has a way of taking theory and transforming it into easily manageable tasks for the parent. I highly recommend.


Parent on Instagram:

My son would constantly be clearing his throat. This has stopped. I am currently home educating. After removing him from school bed wetting reduced, however since the start of the course (supporting sensitive children) he is dry the majority of the time. He is enjoying the relaxation time with the toy on his tummy and has started to do it on his own occasionally. My Mum said he is more agreeable. Just the other day he told my Mum, “today is a happy day”. We can see more periods of calm. In the last two weeks his swimming has transformed, and his listening is improving.

Thank you X



Payment Plan options Below




I am SO excited to welcome you into the hub. And I look forward to coaching you and watching you blossom and grow, not only feeling more empowered and calm yourself but also increasing the connection in your family home and within your partnership where applicable. I wish you well! I really do.

With Love .

Jen Harrison

Ps. A little thought to leave you with – If the time is not now for you to learn how to change your current situation, when will it be?

Take advantage of one of those first 15 spots to receive the limited time investment fees.