The Empowered Sensitive Feminine


Hi, its Jen here.

I don’t normally like starting my invitations to you with a long list of questions…it doesn’t feel very personal, you know? But this time for the purpose of helping you feel like I understand you, I am going to start with a list of questions. If you like, you could picture me and you sat down with a cup of herbal tea, going through these questions together. No right or wrong answer; simply a bit of self-discovery.

Would you be willing to do a silent “tick” next to each one in your head? It would really help you to see whether you are likely a sensitive person.

Do you feel overwhelmed at times when you have a lot going on and have found that this has affected your ability to run a business or work in a busy environment because it all just feels too much?

Do you feel like you want to help other people and often get lost in your feelings AND their feelings resulting in people pleasing and feeling drained out?

Do you find it difficult to be around people who are making small talk or speaking really quickly and find yourself wanting to leave the conversation but instead feeling trapped?

Do you feel tired, sluggish or just over wired easily?

Do you often feel misunderstood by those around you and like you “don’t fit in” because you feel like they don’t understand your need for quiet time and a slower pace or just don’t understand you full stop?

Do you long to feel connected to people but you feel uncomfortable in busy spaces and prefer alone time or 1-1 with friends?

Do you suffer with chronic illnesses that you’ve been told are stress related or there seems no answer for them?

Do you feel overwhelmed by bright lights and loud noises?

Do you struggle in relationships because you hide who you really and are feel like who you are isn’t “good enough”?

Do you struggle with personal space in relationships and feel as though you try to keep up with the pace of your partner so that they will accept and “like” you?


If you have put a tick next to five or more of these questions, it is likely that you are a sensitive natured person. It is thought that around 15-20% of the population are sensitive (according to Elaine Aron- researcher in the area of high sensitivity personality).

You are in the right place because you are talking to a sensitive person here. My name is Jen. I first heard the term high sensitivity at the age of around 29 and I quickly felt relieved!

“Aha” that explains a lot!”

But I then quickly went to…” that is what’s wrong with me”

Because I had found a term, yes. But I still didn’t feel good enough or accepted for who I was. I felt like it was a disadvantage and something to feel ashamed of.

How wrong I was.

I spent years in relationships where I gave, gave and gave some more. I took on my partners feelings and felt responsible for making them feel happy. I drained myself out and these lack of personal boundaries in relationships led to a few bouts of chronic fatigue where I was in bed for months on end.

I felt hopeless, lost and confused. And afraid.

When I learnt how to open up about my feelings, not feel ashamed about them and feel accepted for who I was, my life began to change in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to predict even being very intuitive as I am. I never saw that coming.

My life completely shifted. I went from a woman who was tired, overweight from comfort eating and overeating for “energy” and achy to a woman who felt freer than she ever had before and had her energy in her body.

I went from a woman who hid her feelings and put a brave face on, to a woman who allowed herself to open up. To be vulnerable, and to share how she REALLY felt. I learnt to trust that another human being really could hold a safe space for me while I let it all out. And I learnt that I wasn’t “too much” and that I really could be held and comforted.

I learnt that relationships weren’t where my happiness lay and rather it lay in learning in how to receive love from others and be vulnerable and seen for who I was—warts and all. To drop that heavy mask that I was carrying around.

I learnt to stop seeking my whole self-worth in my work. I stopped people pleasing. I stopped dating for a few years… and I learnt about me. Who Jen really is. At the soul level.

I can’t even begin to tell you how this work changed my life. It turned my life upside down, on its head and back around again 😊. It in all honesty, changed my life.

I not only invested thousands of pounds into this profound shift within my own life but I also dedicated many hours of my time to it; making changes along the way, sacrificing things that I wanted to do for the things that I needed to do. The things that needed to happen in order for me to reach new levels of deep peace and happiness.

Its really difficult to explain to somebody the kind of change that happened for me within a letter like this. So, I am going to just trust that if you are here reading this, you are here for a reason. And you know that this is something you have been asking for, if you have indeed been asking and praying for guidance.

There isn’t anything else that I need to say. You know yourself. You know if you are struggling and you also know if you have reached a point where you need answers and guidance.

So here I am.

If you would love to learn just a portion of what I have been learning over the last almost 4 years…I would love to welcome, you. Really.

This is a safe space. Free from any judgement.

I will be spending 6 fun and jam packed with “aha” moment weeks with you and a group of women within a private Facebook group and talking on the topics of:

  • BOUNDARIES—yes. Boundaries! We will cover the art of saying “no” because it really is an art. And its difficult for a people pleaser and one who is afraid of other peoples reactions. I get it. And its essential you know about this one. Our relationships and our own happiness and health can suffer when we don’t know this one.


  • PEOPLE PLEASING-— We are going to take a look at the areas in your life where you are letting people walk all over you and where you are hiding yourself behind a mask. All because you don’t believe that you’re good enough.


  • CIRCLE OF CONTROL— We will take a dive into control. Are you spending time trying to control people and things that aren’t yours to control? I am going to help you to direct your time to the things that you can control and teach you how to take charge of your thinking so that you can change how you feel. If you feel like you are whizzing around in confusion and feelings all of the time- I have a solution for you within a 4-step method that I still use today after learning it four years ago. This will be something I recommend you make part of your daily journaling or self-care practise.


  • YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM— I get it. You feel like nobody gets you or understands you and you are angry at the world and yourself. You aren’t a victim. There is a lot that you can be doing to take back control of your life even if you are currently feeling sick in bed, in an unhappy relationship or feeling like you are lost and alone. Help is on the way. You really are more powerful than you believe.


  • YOU SET THE PACE OF YOUR LIFE— Do you feel as though you are trying to keep up with everyone else? You just haven’t been told yet that YOUR pace is just fine. Once you know how to do this , you will be able to tell your friends and your partner what you need and this will help you feel less of a burden in your relationship and you will be able to shift to a place of asking for what you need and meeting those needs. It will also help you at the workplace so that you are aware of how to pace yourself in business and work without feeling ashamed of that. Empowering! 


  • BOUNDARIES AND CLARITY IN RELATIONSHIPS— This is something that will happen for you if you take on board the advice that I will give to you during these coaching sessions. I will not only empower you but I will also give you templates of ways to speak to those around you so that you are not lost for words and you can have a confident and calm conversation with your partner for example, without it turning into an argument or you leaving without feeling seen and heard. PS. If you feel like you just give and give in relationships too- this one will be for you 😉 


  • YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OTHER PEOPLE’s FEELINGS OR LIFE— When you are a caring person who senses other’s feelings, you will likely take on their feelings and feel on edge around people or try to change them to make yourself feeling more comfortable. Been there and done that! Literally. It is a habit that needs working on so that you can stop feeling like you need to hold the world up. You don’t, my friend. 


  • YOU ARE NOT TOO SENSITIVE— So many people have been told they are too sensitive or to just get over how they feel. You likely have never been understood by somebody but that doesn’t mean that you are too sensitive or too much. You get to come to this space and be seen and heard for who you are and nobody will be telling you that you are too much. I cant wait to see your beautiful self.


  • DON’T GET LOST IN YOUR FEELINGS–– I will be teaching you how to feel your feelings but not be a slave to them. We really can keep them in check so that you don’t feel like you need to hide them but equally you don’t bow down to them. You can shift how you feel and move through your day with more ease and save some of that energy 😉 Crying all of the time and feeling your feelings all of the time is just tiring. I get it. It doesn’t need to be like that.


So, wanna join?  I would absolutely LOVE to guide you.

By now, you will know if this is for you. So I will just pop the details below for you to get signed up and then we will welcome you in to the course.

This is easily a $333 program.

However, for a limited time the fees to get some control back in your own life , feel more ease in your close relationships and start feeling like YOU again are:


We have an EARLY BIRD ticket running until

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

where you can pick a ticket up to this LIVE event from the comfort of your own home for just…

$87 (Approx. £68)

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Total Cost – $147

Follow the link below to Book Your Place Now!!


Start date: Monday 4th November 3PM EST / 7PM BST London (replays available).

 Location: You will be invited to a private Facebook group location!

 I can’t wait!

 And as a special BONUS to you to get this all kicked off with a bang- the first 12 ladies to join us will receive:

A copy of my BRAND NEW audio collection ‘Back To Bliss’ – 5 meditation and relaxation audios intended to help you take yourself back to a feeling of relaxation and empowerment with my voice over deeply relaxing and tranquil music. (worth $12) 

Let’s recap:

When you join the LIVE online program- The Sensitive Empowered Feminine; you will receive: 

  • 6 weeks spent with Jen and a group of like-minded women to really learn more about who you are as a sensitive person and what that means for the way that you live your life so that you can stop feeling trapped in your body, relationships, your life and ashamed of who you are and instead feel free to be you; just as you are 
  • Replays of all calls for you to listen back to for up to 14 days 
  • Hot seat coaching- an opportunity to ask any questions and be personally coached by Jen helping you to feel heard and understood and leave with a warm feeling of it being “okay to be you” ( because it is and that’s what you want to know deep down.) 
And for the first 12 women who say “yes” to themselves, a copy of ‘Back To Bliss’, a brand NEW relaxation and mindset shifting audio especially for sensitive women who want to get to a feeling of calm and empowerment. 

A few Client’s stories

Radelle Jenson: “Jens wisdom is exceptional! Truly! She is a very intuitive coach and teachers from the soul to the soul. I cannot think of a sentence she’s said that hasn’t resonated with me! She is a gift to the world of parenting and highly sensitive people and I’ll be forever grateful our paths crossed!”


Kim Johnson: “ Jen Is an amazing individual who shares her life passion of supporting children and adults alike. I have had the privelage of being caoched by Jen and she has helped me personally move on in my life. If you get the opportunity to access the courses then please do as Jen is inspiring.”


Mandie Nault: “I was nervous at first to invest in one of your programs because I have read so much and spent so much time understanding child development that I was afraid I would only hear things I have already known. That was absolutely not the case. I am SO thankful I invested in more than one of your programs and coaching because it’s helped me as a parent and more importantly as a person-more than any of the books I’ve read ever could.”


Abby Pettitt: “ Jen’s caring nature helps keep you supported throughout your journey.”


I can’t wait to spend time with you over in the hub especially designed for us to cover these topics and create a warm incubator of self-care in 😊 It Is going to be great- I can feel the energy of the group already.

 See you over there,

With Love

Jen Harrison


If you need help making the decision to join because our minds can get in the way and stop us from making choices that will serve us, here are a couple of tips:

  • Ask yourself what was your first gut feeling when you opened this page and began to read. Trust that hunch.


  • You are going to need to pay for this information in one form or another. If you don’t learn it now and you are deeply struggling or feeling like you are living a half-life; you will likely pay for this down the road with the circumstances of your life. I made many choices that just sent me spiralling down even more in my life until I changed all of that. You get to do that, or you get to stop now and make this change beginning here.


  • If you are joining this program because you think that you need somebody else to fix you and you aren’t in a place to really take responsibility for your life and come and feel loved within the group each week and make some changes in how you act and live- this isn’t the right program for you right now. Said with love. The program will require self-evaluation and commitment to yourself to take the information and apply it in your own life. You are worth that.