Would you like me to personally show you a simple technique that is proven to melt away your child’s worry while they sleep…in 2 mins?


This almost ‘magical’ approach will have your child waking up feeling more confident and calmer


Dear Parent,

Hey, its Jen here.


You’re about to hear a story of a little boy (we’re going to call him Charlie) whose Mummy came to me utterly distraught about his fear and worry.


An extreme case.


A case so bad that even the medical nurse brought into intervene, had said “we’ve done all we can for him” when they gave him medication.


And you’re going to hear about how this little boy was helped…


not by his doctor…


not by medication…


…but by his Mummy!


You’re going to read about a technique that I taught her in under an hour that she could do while little Charlie slept that involved no pills or potions.


It didn’t even require Charlie to be awake or come to see me…


(which was a good job too since his when he was awake he was filled with stress and in agonising pain, so he wouldn’t have been open to what his Mummy or I said anyway!)


At this point this early on in the letter, you’re probably already thinking…


“Is this a load of hypey mumbo jumbo and too good to be true?”


And you’d be right to ask that question, especially with all the so- called alternative parenting experts out there trying to tell you how to raise your kids with their parenting strategies.


And you know what?


If I wasn’t the person who had seen this method that I’m going to share with you, work time and time again to outright eliminate:



Anger outbursts


Fear and worries

Challenges with sleep…


Like absolute magic…


… then there’s no way I’d believe it either!


So, I know how you feel.


But there is nothing like seeing a relieved happy Mummy who finally feels like she’s done the right thing to help her baby,(and found something that works), to prove the truth of what I’m about to tell you.


In other words, I promise you this works.


And I’m sure it can work for you and your little one too.


So, let’s get into it.


“I’ll try anything” …


This was pretty much the essence of the email I received one morning, seven years ago, from a desperate Mummy (we’ll call her Louise).


When she arrived at my office on that rainy Tuesday evening, I was immediately struck by how exhausted and overwhelmed she looked. I recall that during our appointment, she was even needing to take a call from her partner because he was struggling with the kids at home. I could see that her dark circled eyes were silently pleading with me for a solution to her kid’s troubles.


Louise had two kids. Her five year old daughter was struggling at school, couldn’t settle and would drag the morning out; you know how it goes…meltdowns and tears, refused to get dressed…anything to avoid the teachers.


As my session with Louise passed, it became clear that there was another deeper problem.


That was when Louise brought up… Charlie.


Honestly! I was surprised she hadn’t brought him up first, but Charlie was so far gone in her eyes, that Louise had kinda’ given up believing anyone could help him.


This poor little boy was so tormented with fear and anxiety that it was affecting his ability to poo. So much so, it was dangerously affecting his health.


The doctors had him filled with medication. He wasn’t going to the toilet for weeks at a time and spent most of his waking hours doubled over in extreme pain.


And NOTHING his Mummy tried would help.


Not talking to him


Not reading to him about toileting


Not pleading with him


Not reward charts




Can you even imagine?!



So, I immediately set about teaching Louise the simple method that I want to share with you.


And with a hint…a HINT of hope in her eyes she went back to her family willing to try it… to try anything.


6 weeks later I got this email:

“Hi Jen!

Within a week of using the process Charlie was letting go and having a bowel movement!


He is now going to the toilet himself and does it all alone and is no longer scared at all. He uses public toilets and school toilets without any fear- how amazing!


I thought this nightmare was never going to end and I still continue to do the process you showed me every evening.


He can now have a childhood like any other child enjoying socialising and going to school.


What a miracle!!!!”


So, look. Here’s the thing…


If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re really worried about your little one too.


And this is EXACTLY why I created my flagship workshop The Calm Child


And that’s exactly why i’d love you to grab your ticket today.


But before I tell you exactly what this event is, when it’s happening and what it’s going to do for you and your child…


…I thought you’d want some further proof that THIS TECHNIQUE WORKS.


So, here’s what other parents, like YOU, have said:









So, look…


Let’s talk about you and your little one.


Because regardless of how mild or far gone you may feel your child is…as far as I’m concerned …




And it recently dawned on me, only sharing this with members of my private coaching group meant that it wasn’t out there helping the mums and dads that need it most.


So that’s why I created The Calm Child to teach you this “magical” technique over the course of a few hours so that you can apply it yourself whenever you need it.


No clinic visits


No traffic jams


No waiting for my next appointment space


Plus, you get to sidestep my $400 private coaching fee if you were to learn this with me privately


Here’s how it works…


I have a way of teaching this technique online, to groups, without you having to leave home, which means you can start using it straight away!


It takes 2 or 3 hours to learn properly (like watching a long movie).


You’ll jump on a zoom meeting with me (I’ll email you the meeting link closer to the date & don’t worry you can keep your camera off if you prefer).


And if you really can’t join us live…I have you covered! You will be sent a recording of the entire workshop by email.


So, there’s two main components to the method:


  1. The observation technique
  2. The verbal component


I’ll be personally training you to notice something in your child that you might not normally see when they’re asleep (again, its nothing woo woo…I’ll be showing you how to notice a particular change in breathing pattern and facial movement as your child is in a certain stage of their sleep).



And I’ll be personally teaching you a pattern of speech that to use with your child, that you can use does the real hard work for you.


Once you’ve learnt this, it’s something you’ll be able to do with your child, every night, in 2 mins…


…its almost miraculous.


And like I said at the start, if I hadn’t received emails time and time again from parents just like you telling me that it had worked for them, I might be a little sceptical.


But this works.


And it can work for you too.


And I can’t wait for you to grab your ticket today so I can teach you this method.


Here’s what to do…


Check the date and time below and put them in your diary… do what you can to get yourself to this workshop!





Use the pink button that you can see below to book your spot, and I can’t wait to see you there!





Ps. If things are feeling pretty bad right now you might be thinking about medication or “talky” therapy.


But I bet you really don’t want that (and you know that your child will hate having to visit a stranger if you do go to therapy).


So, here’s my challenge to you.


TRY THIS FIRST. Just try it


This technique is a proven, medically endorsed process which includes certain verbal patterns, which have been developed by a team of psychologists to gently rewire your child’s







And turn it into confidence and calm.


PPS.  Check the date below, grab your ticket and I cannot wait to see you there! 😊












PPPS. Now is the time to get this sorted once and for all. You can help your child with this simple powerful technique for the price of your daily cup of coffee for the next month.






Medical disclaimer

By participating in this workshop, you acknowledge that Jen Harrison cannot guarantee the outcome of services or coaching efforts and that her comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only. Jen Harrison cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the coaching services purchased as described. This coaching service does not replace medical intervention or therapy and does not seek to diagnose or cure.