Supporting Your Sensitive Child

A 6 week immersion into understanding what a sensitive child needs and what that looks like in practical terms in every day life. This will take you from overwhelm to deep understanding to help your child increase his or her happiness and well being.
Week 1

We will dive into how to use neuroplasticity with a simple and practical parenting tool to re- wire your child’s mind to turn the dial right up on their inner belief and self confidence.

This right here has received many positive reviews and happy changes straight away on week one 😀

Parents words:

Week 2

We will cover exactly how to support a highly sensitive child. How to give them a routine which works well for them and their happiness. How to communicate effectively with them to help them feel safe and to build their inner self worth and confidence.

This is life changing in itself and many parents have had “aha!” moments about just one or two points in this section.

Week 3

Self care. This is a really popular subject. Looking after you. This is crucial. If you don’t know how to take care of you first you won’t be able to model this to your children.

How to get the most out of your own life, how to start saying no with ease, how to stop people pleasing , how to be the leader in your relationship and family, how to communicate effectively with your partner in a way that they will hear and so much more.

Parents words:

Week 4

Relaxation techniques and tools to use with your child to create solid bonds, open communication, wire them so that they KNOW what Calm feels like as a reference point and teach them self regulation. Crucial for future mental health.

Week 5

How to understand what your child’s really saying with their behaviour  and words.

This will be a perfect chance to bring ALL of your niggling questions and for us to dive DEEP into what is going on for your child, so that you can stop feeling confused and stressed and they can start to feel understood by you and safe.

You can listen to the live recording and come to the LIVE Facebook group to post YOUR questions in a safe space with other like minded parents. I will be in the group twice a week to answer any and all questions.

Week 6

Listen to other parents feedback and reviews of their progress. A great time for you to review your own progress and make notes of signs of feedback. By week 6 we are intending for you to be seeing some definite improvements in your child’s happiness if you’ve been following the program to a tee.

We also discuss how to really ground these new changes into place and keep them going for the long term.



You’ll go from lacking confidence in yourself to knowing what to say, how to act and what needs to be done to resolve your child’s current struggle.

You’ll stop relying on other people and take things into your own hands, knowing how to resolve their issues and how to support them in the way that they really need.


You will have access to a LIVE Facebook group for this program, where I will be in there twice a week answering any and all questions that you have throughout the journey of the 6 week program.