Supporting Your Sensitive Child

Does this sound like you?.

Your child is about to go to bed and is saying that she has a tummy ache. This is becoming a regular thing.

Your son knows how to tie his shoe laces but he is asking you …again…and you sense it is because he simply wants more of your attention. This has been happening more since you had your second baby.

Your daughter pushes you away when you try to help her feel better and she tells you that you don’t understand how she is feeling.

Or how about this?

Your son melts down and gets angry and emotional every time you try to correct him or help him with his homework. You are at your wits end because you don’t understand why he is getting so emotional.

Your daughter is super clingy to you and is afraid to leave your side or go and play with her friends. Lately, she hasn’t wanted to join in with her friends or go to parties or activities.

You went on a recent day out that was jam packed with fun and activities but by the end of the day you were pulling your hair out because your child had meltdowns and the whole day was far from fun.

If any of this sounds remotely familiar, you are in the right place!

These stories are just some examples of parents that I have coached and successfully helped resolve these situations from the comfort of their own home.

Take Martha for example. She came to me to help her daughter feel less anxious. Meltdowns were a daily occurrence and they would go on for up to two hours. Her and her husband were doing their best yet most of the time they were at battle themselves because they both had different ideas as to what their 8 year old daughter really needed. Within 5 weeks, their daughter had reduced her anger by 50% and those daily meltdowns soon became not so daily and went from 2 hours down to 20 mins or so. They described their daughter as being able to rationalise more and be able to really hear what her parents were saying to her so that it never needed to escalate to a meltdown.

And Jane, who recently followed my home study program, came to me because she was seeking help for her 5 year old son. She was trying to get help from school and the teachers were not sure how to help. Once we began working together and she followed my home study program, she couldn’t believe the difference in how her son felt! She described it as, “the best investment that she had ever spent”.

So now we come to YOU. Right now, you are likely sat at home feeling frustrated and at a loss as to how to help your child. Maybe you too have tried to seek help from your child’s school and maybe your marriage is suffering too if you’re really honest with yourself because all you seem to talk about lately is what is going on with your son and who has the better approach in parenting…and why is he not going to sleep?!

So…relax. At this point I can confidently say that I can help you.

That confidence comes from over ten years of working with parents in your situation and helping them to resolve their child’s struggles plus 15 years plus in studying human behaviour and implementing it into my own life.

There IS a way that you can help your child at home.

You are the most influential person in your child’s life which makes you the best person to work with your child.

The alternative is to have to visit an out-side source and take your child to a counsellor or psychologist.

This can be a scary prospect and will make you feel useless and drive a message to your child that there is something wrong with them.

I am not suggesting that seeking advice from a therapist isn’t a good idea.

This is always a great step when concerned about our child’s wellbeing.

What I am suggesting is that it doesn’t need to be the ONLY way that you help your child and that you as the parent, really do hold a big key to your child’s happiness simply because you are the most influential person in their life.

How do I know? I was that child at 10 years of age. I felt anxious at school. It was offered by school to go to a counsellor. Did it help me? No.
Did I enjoy going to see someone I didn’t know? No.
I would much rather have been helped on a deeper level at home and not had any further attention put onto the anxiety that I was feeling. As a young child who felt uncomfortable, I already felt like there was something wrong with me…!

I also know because I have been told several times by parents that HAVE been to a psychologist that they spent thousands of pounds or dollars and the work that we did together helped their child far more than the work they had previously done.

This happens for two reasons in my opinion:

  1. You are the most influential person and how you feel and think affects your child more than you know. When you feel empowered and know what to do—your child feels safer with you and more calm
  2. Human beings need connection. At the root of most emotion is a desire to feel seen, heard and understood by those around us. If you don’t currently know how to “coach” your own child …they will not feel so connected to you. And I know that this is what you really want. IT turns out that we need to learn how to do this because we need to learn how to speak to a child or adult in a way that helps them to feel all these things. Trust me…it took me 3 years to learn just this piece. There is a lot to learn…but it is step by step over time. And this can be enjoyable! Making you feel more empowered with each step as you go along.

So, for this reason I created:


A six week immersion into really understanding more about what human beings need on an emotional level and how to put this into practise for your child in an everyday way.

“So this all sounds great Jen, what is included and how do I get started?”

As soon as you get started, you will receive an email with details to log into our members hub. Here you will find all 6 modules with video trainings.

Week 1

Would you love to learn a non-intrusive and loving technique that enables you to literally delete and untether old neural pathways within your child’s mind and help them grow healthy and happy pathways within their mind to enable them to GROW a foundation of self- esteem and confidence? I don’t know anybody who would say no to this! THIS is exactly what you will learn on week 1! This one hour training is a game changer in itself! I have coached hundreds, almost thousands, of parents worldwide and they have significant changes in their child’s self-esteem and behaviour within a matter of weeks.

Week 2

This week the focus is on your routine.

You may not realise how important the way that you are planning your day out is currently affecting your child’s ability to remain calm. Because they are sensitive, there are certain things that are important for you to know as a parent so that you are supporting them in their ability to self- regulate and remain in a state of relaxation within the body and within the mind instead of fight or flight (survival mode) which is how they are likely feeling right now. Likely you feel this way yourself too because you don’t yet have answers and solutions that you need.

Thousands of parents just like you have made changes to the way that they do things in their daily life and have told me that this change has made a big difference! I highly recommend watching this video training at least twice and if you have a partner, I recommend watching it with him or her too so that you are all on the same page because this makes you feel connected as a team with your partner.

Week 3

Would you recognise that how you feel is impacting how your child feels? It is so important that I covered a whole training on this because this training alone is what gave one Mom in Australia a light bulb moment and helped her make decisions about her career that she came to see was impacting how her family felt and how she felt. She realised she was more stressed than she realised! And her son was sensing this.

Week 4

Would you love to be able to teach your own child ways to relax?

In this weeks training I have given you some of the best relaxation techniques that I have learnt and have personally taught in classes within schools and nurseries to children AND teachers. You can connect with your child at bedtime or any other time of the day and enjoy teaching him or her how to relax their tummy, how to relax when they are not with you ie. when they are at school, and help them to build their emotional strength and resilience – the ability to bounce back and give it another shot!

This is a vital skill for kids to learn for their later life.

“My little boy recently began doing the exercise with the soft toy on his tummy all by himself” said one Mom recently on Instagram.

Week 5

This week is all about answering parents questions. I have come to find that on my group coaching calls, many parents have their questions answered simply by listening to other parents! We think that our problems are unique and that nobody else has them but what you will come to find by listening to this week’s training, is that you will find an answer to something that you are struggling with simply by listening to other parents be coached and taking inspiration from what I say to them. 😊 We also talk this week about how to make this work a long term practise. There are lots of golden nuggets in this week training!

Week 6

This week I talk about what fear is and how we all express our emotions differently. This will help you to understand your child’s feelings and behaviour on a deeper level. I also give you an opportunity to hear other parents be coached again and we look at your progress over the last six weeks.

This program is a game changer! It is jam packed with action steps, practical techniques to put into place from day one and is 5* rated by parents just like you! The value of this program is priceless however when I put a price on it, I wanted it to be at a price point that anybody could say yes to, even if it meant saving up or sacrificing something else to learn.

I created this program because thousands of parents are currently confused about what their child’s behaviour is all about and how to even deal with it. I am a sensitive person and I know first-hand what it feels like when your parent doesn’t understand this either. And I wanted to help other parents be able to skip that pain and connect with their children with this information from day one. I had a life experience that was my experience. And you don’t have to walk down a path that I have already walked down because I am here giving you the fast track option…if you want to take it!

At least two people benefit when you watch this program. You and your child. Not to mention the knock on affect that will have on your marriage, and your relationship you’re your other children, your career, your own mental health and so much more.

You’ll go from lacking confidence in yourself to knowing what to say, how to act and what needs to be done to resolve your child’s current struggle.

You’ll stop relying on other people or needing schoolteachers to have all the answers and take things into your own hands, knowing how to resolve your child’s current struggles.

You will learn how to deeply connect with them and support them in the way that they really need.



You’ll go from lacking confidence in yourself to knowing what to say, how to act and what needs to be done to resolve your child’s current struggle.

You’ll stop relying on other people and take things into your own hands, knowing how to resolve their issues and how to support them in the way that they really need.


You will have access to a LIVE Facebook group for this program, where I will be in there once a week answering any and all questions that you have throughout the journey of the 6 week program. For the first 6 weeks of your program, you’ll be able to ask me anything!

We can’t wait for you to get started, begin feeling some relief and take some action!

With Love,