You are stood there. Your child is melting down. You feel frustrated, alone and helpless. This is another one of those times where you just feel like you are missing something.

Did I pretty much sum that situation up right?

I know because I have been there with children I have taught and cared for when this has happened, and I also know because I have spoken to hundreds of parents about this very thing. Its super common and there are ways to not only change how you feel in that moment but also decrease the amount of times that your child feels that way.

So…Its ok!

You are normal.

Most people get overwhelmed when they don’t know what to do and with the added tension for you of your child shouting, kicking, crying and melting down, it’s perfectly understandable that you would feel that way. 

You are likely here because you are looking for a different way.

You’ve likely tried many different things to help your child and perhaps read books and asked friends, but something still isn’t working and you’re draining out.

I created this mini series of short and snappy coaching videos to give you some answers to some of your most asked questions such as:

  • “What do I do if my partner is on a different page to me? It is affecting our relationship and the way that we parent our child and I feel stuck. I want to learn something that will help my child, but my partner has differing views to me as to what our child needs.”
  • “How do I know that my child is sensitive and what does this even mean? Does it explain some of his or her current behaviour and feelings?”
  • “Am I highly sensitive? I’ve read some of your posts on Instagram and I have heard you speak, and I am starting to relate to a lot of what you talk about for myself and wondering what this means?”
  • “When my child is having a meltdown, I just don’t know what to do or say…can you help me? It is overwhelming, and I feel like I’m on eggshells and just stand there feeling helpless in the moment and angry when I don’t want to feel that way”
  • “My child struggles with busy places and loud noises and I’m starting to feel like our life is revolving round how they feel, and I don’t know what to do so that we can do the things I’d like to do with our kids”

I know that you have constant questions as to how to help your child with things like this because these are some of the questions that I get asked most regularly AND some of the most frequently asked questions at the start of my coaching journey with somebody who chooses to come to me for personal and private one to one coaching.

So, I have packaged together for you 8 highly information and super quick coaching videos (no longer than 8 mins) so that you can get some relief from some of these things that are draining you and weighing heavy on your mind and begin to make a few small changes.

Not only that, we have also made 8 super easy pdf written versions for you to print off and put up on your cabinet or carry around with you to help you remember what matters most and to keep you on track. Plus, some people just simply like having something to read that goes along with the videos. The pdf’s capture the main points of the video to make sure that you take away the most important learnings and tips.


You will have access to all 8 videos right away and you will be able to access them 24/7/365 all you need is an internet connection.  So no matter when you might need help you will be able to access the videos.