This delightful childrens book is based on the message of unconditional love.

When little bear makes mistakes or doesn’t think that he is as good as another, he wants to know that he is loved for who he is. It’s what we all want to know.

This beautifully captivating story takes you and your child on a journey where Mother bear teaches little bear that he’s loved and loveable no matter what.

“ You are loveable my dear, more than you know. You are amazing, wonderful and kind. You are loved right now from your head to your toes;

“Just As You Are.”

Every child and adult needs to hear this message of unconditional love and to remember that their self worth is innate and isn’t something that ever disappears during their life.

Adults and children alike will be able to feel a real sense of self esteem and affirmation through reading the repetition of such loving and truth- filled words.

Pre-Order your copy today and receive a beautifully illustrated colouring sheet for your little one to doodle with whilst listening to the story.

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