Case History – Fussy eating, Sleep, Confidence and Self Esteem

3 children ages 2-6 years of age for fussy eating, sleep, confidence and self esteem 

Mrs W came to see me in December 2012 to learn The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children for her three sons ages 2- 6 years old.

At this time her eldest son was not feeling too great within himself and was very aggressive both verbally and physically towards her and her husband.

He seemed very insecure and lack of confidence.

Her middle son had very little attention span and would hardly concentrate on anything, when trying to get him to concentrate, he would just giggle and give up straight away, and would prefer to be off playing somewhere.

The youngest son was not sleeping well and often woke through the night and was an extremely fussy eater. Mum wrote down the exact foods that he would eat at this time and explained how it was difficult to get him to try anything else or any new foods.  His speech was also slightly behind for his age.

The process was applied and followed each evening apart from a few nights that were missed and the feedback within 3 weeks was the following.

Mrs W’s eldest son who had previously been very aggressive was now a lot happier within himself and less angry, he actually seemed quite happy and settled again within himself, he was communicating better, and seemed to be able to deal with his emotions without lashing out.

Mum spoke about how previously her middle son who is 4.5 years of age would giggle when she was attempting to get him to do some reading and not really show much interest in reading. Now he was not giggling and was showing more confidence in reading the book and sounding out words. It was such a refreshing change.

The youngest little boy of 2 years of age had started trying a few new foods, was only small amounts but was a start and something he would not have done 3 weeks prior. His vocabulary had also improved and was now stringing 2-3 words together, and the words were a lot clearer and precise.

Overall within the last 3 weeks the family has become a much happier unit, where they can enjoy going out without the eldest son having a tantrum and lashing out, Mrs W stated everything is not perfect yet but only time can heal, as long as my family is happy and enjoying life, then I am happy.


With Goulding SleepTalk Consultant Jenny Harrison, UK