Case History – 8 year old boy displaying lack of confidence in school studies


Case History – 8 year old boy displaying lack of confidence in school studies

It’s hard to imagine, spending just a few minutes each night can have such an impact.

Since we started The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children, we’ve seen Nathan’s confidence and self-belief start to grow in his abilities to have a go at new activities, participate in groups.  Before The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children he started trampolining and at his first session he sat and watched for 50 minutes, before having the confidence to join in and have a go.  Two weeks in, we saw the start of the new confidence, when we attended a fun day for children with a variety of disabilities; he took just 5 minutes to watch before joining in the football training session.

By the third week, we had the opportunity to try another new activity of cycling (using specially adapted bicycles so anyone can cycle); he needed no encouragement this time…just jumped straight into the activity cycling round after other cyclists. He was so confident that he tried every bike in the session and can’t wait to go again and is asking to take other friends to introduce them.

At school, the SENCO commented that he has much more confidence; he holds his head up instead of looking at the floor as he sees and knows where he’s going. He’s got a swagger about him now.

Tonight was a strange experience; we had a role reversal situation as Nathan asked me to join him playing his console games. I was appallingly bad as didn’t remember which button did what and my co-ordination of the buttons was slow and clumsy, but Nathan was encouraging me to have the confidence to carry on. The final score wasn’t great…I had 12, Nathan 536.

Next week when his current block of trampolining finishes and he can switch to trampolining on a Friday, he’s keen to start playing football for a disability football team on Saturday mornings and after Christmas as opportunities arise for new adventures he’s ready for them and hopefully this new found confidence with transfer across to his overall learning and development.