Case History – 4.5 year old boy – anger, anxiety, loud noises and cooperation

When I initially met with Mrs G she said that she was looking to find a way to be able to understand her son more and that her greatest wish was for him to be less angry and for them to be able to share a more positive relationship.

On commencement to The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children Mrs G spoke of how her son was extremely terrified of loud noises and described it as a “huge, huge thing”, commenting on how that has been the case since he was a small boy. She gave an example of how he would shake when he heard a tractor or that any sudden noises would “freak him out” and that at times if it was a particular loud noise he would scream and shake uncontrollably. Although this wasn’t every day it was something that happened should he hear a particularly loud noise.

Mum spoke about how her son was learning to swim and that he was not keen on putting his face in the water and that he “didn’t like water on his face”, which was also evident when he was showering too.

On the first consultation, Mrs G said that she couldn’t talk to somebody else on the phone as her son would seek attention by running away, interrupting her or as she described “causing mayhem”. The other point mentioned was that his behaviour towards his sister was described as “poor” and that he found sharing difficult.

Parents comments after one week:

Yes it was kind of magical. Yesterday D responded straight away, when I said stay asleep, stay asleep and stroked him, he signed, so I stopped stroking and said all the rest. My little girl yesterday – it took me quiet a long time before I saw anything, but tonight she started to suck on her dummy

This morning he was doing all his tricks – like trying to wind me up.

You know how you said it will benefit me as well as  the children, well it set my mind to a much more calmer, lovable space….I love it. I responded differently- more calmly and he came downstairs shortly afterwards dressed for school.  I wanted to sing, TODAY IS A HAPPY DAY!!! In fact, I’m going to make it my Mantra as well as, EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY IT GETS BETTER AND BETTER…..

So yes, it went well, thank you.

Parents comments after two weeks:

Well I can contribute to some positive experience…So far I have done every night, except one [with both of the kids). We have been away for the weekend, and got together for family celebration of Grandmas 70th birthday.

And what a difference it was. On Friday we travelled to London. My eyes filled up with tears of happiness when D came out of toilets [with Daddy] proudly saying that he dried his hands under the [loud hand dryer].

He has been previously been completely freaked out by it and soon as he finished the toilet, tried to avoid even washing his hands – just that he doesn’t need to dry them. [He doesn’t like loud noises]. This time he was competing with daddy who will dry them quicker, he or daddy. And he said him self, he was very brave.

Another positive change is his attitude and relationship with his little sister. He stroked her when she fell asleep in the car and kissed her and hugged her when she fell over. He also kept introducing her as his little baby sister…My heart melts when I see him like that. He was better behaved and we didn’t have to tell him off as much as we used to.

I feel calmer and more in control, it’s a great feeling. I’m looking forward to another week.

By the way – today D has conquered another fear! He has put his head under the water and swam like never before! I’m so happy!!!!

Parents comments after 3 weeks

Hello Jenny

Things continue to be going well, especially – the change I see and feel is with me…funny enough, I feel more “in balance” and calmer.

D continues to be more cooperative, happier and empathic.  E is just a little sweetheart, all going well thank you.

Parents comments after 4 weeks

Dear Jenny,

On Sunday I was looking at The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children folder again, and that’s when all clicked…D has actually improved in all those goals.

Yesterday he won a trophy from Enjoy a ball. He was so proud as was me and Daddy and of course he was going round and showing it to everybody. He’s taken it to school this morning, stud up in the middle of the room and nicely started to talk about it – why he got it…because of good listening, bringing stuff back to the teacher, trying new games….I was so proud of him. Especially because he presented him self really well, with healthy confidence.

I found as well that when I’m relaxed [and Daddy] and happy, everything is going well. So I got this big goal for myself – to work on the relaxation for myself too.

And its true -relaxation is better then any immunisation and medicine to be relaxed. The world looks completely different.

The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children process is very good for all the deep stuff, and maybe things which we don’t quite understand [coming from the subconscious] and I’m very grateful to have this tool. I also feel that I need to change the whole way of life, which I’m longing after and interpret it into everyday life.

Thank you so much. And have a nice day.

JG, Lancs. UK. Mother of two children ages 4.5 and 2 years old.

Several months later :

Dear Jenny,

Proud to share with you Daniels transformation – even positive feedback from school teachers [ they are completely unaware about The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children process ] we keep following it every night. Even daddy got into it…Daniels sharing with Emi is getting better, some moments it brings tears to my eyes when I see it. Behaviour at school: Teachers words: “Everybody at school noticed a change” [ his teachers ] I’m over the moon…My life might be hectic, and I’m constantly juggling children, work, house…trying to improve in relaxation-meditation…So many things I need to figure out…

But one is sure….I am going to continue with The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children as a solid foundation for more balanced life.

Thank you for this gift Joanne & Jennifer