Case History – 2 year old for toiletting

After a week I saw results. Charlie had begun a fear of going to the toilet for his bowel movement. He used to hold on with all of his body, shaking and on holiday was pressing his face on the patio window to stop it coming out. He held on for weeks and would scream when ever I tried to help him- he was absolutely terrified!!!

He ended under a paediatric consultant as it was affecting his health and he was in extreme pain. He was put on medication but still was terrified as if it was becoming worse. He started school and was having a lot of accidents and he couldn’t socialise and would not play as was stood in a corner holding on. He couldn’t go swimming or play football – this fear was taking over his life.

I then alongside his medication started SleepTalk. I had already tried reasoning with him, comforting him reading books about toileting and playing with toys about toilet and reward systems. The nurse said I had tried everything possible.

Within a week of using the SleepTalk process Charlie was letting go, using his potty and was not scared. He now after about six weeks is going to the toilet himself and does it all alone and is no longer scared at all. He uses public toilets and school toilets without any fear- how amazing!

I thought this nightmare was never going to end and I still continue to do the foundation stage every evening. In fact with Charlie there was no need to go beyond this stage. He can now have a childhood like any other child enjoying socialising and going to school.

What a miracle!!!!

Parent of two children, Stockport. UK