Case Histories


Katie talks about how SleepTalk helped her son with anxiety, confidence, sleep and eating.

4.5 year old boy – anger, anxiety, loud noises and cooperation

When I initially met with Mrs G she said that she was looking to find a way to be able to understand her son more and that her greatest wish was for him to be less angry and for them to be able to share a more positive relationship.

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8 year old boy displaying lack of confidence in school studies

It’s hard to imagine, spending just a few minutes each night can have such an impact.

Since we started The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children, we’ve seen Nathan’s confidence and self-belief start to grow in his abilities to have a go at new activities

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3 children ages 2-6 years of age for fussy eating, sleep, confidence and self esteem

Mrs W came to see me in December 2012 to learn The Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children for her three sons ages 2- 6 years old.

At this time her eldest son was not feeling too great within himself and was very aggressive both verbally and physically towards her and her husband.

He seemed very insecure and lack of confidence.

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2 year old for toiletting

Within a week of using the SleepTalk process Charlie was letting go, using his potty and was not scared. He now after about six weeks is going to the toilet himself and does it all alone and is no longer scared at all. He uses public toilets and school toilets without any fear.

How amazing!

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5 year old boy – Parent resolved child’s habitual cough

B’s Mum spoke about B’s habitual behaviours such as chewing of clothes, smelling hands and more recently a persistent cough that teachers were noticing at school as were B’s peers. It was something that was causing anxiety and upset for parents and was very obvious at school and at home.

Mum and Dad said that B was quite irrational at times and was tearful and would rage when upset.

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Parent talks about how she supported her son who had been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and an intellectual learning disability with The Goulding SleepTalk process.