Why baby steps are important as you make changes to your wellbeing

Feet WalkingWe are all so great at being hard on ourselves! Who does that belong to really? Is it your parents stuff or someone else’s you’ve picked up along the way?

I know we teach what we need to learn ourselves and this is oh so true for me. Let’s all be a little kinder to ourselves.

When we know that we want to make some lifestyle changes we can get so overwhelmed when we look at what needs to be done.

I know for myself when I began to cut wheat and gluten out of my diet and looked at what I had to now do in order to make replacements in my diet, it was really easy to get overwhelmed.

What I have come to realise over time is that ONE baby step of change WILL lead to other small changes and that each and every one does count.

For instance I have now made friends with my slow cooker and began to make some gorgeous meals with protein and vegetables and this makes me feel organised as well as healthy.

I also loved the creativity of dicing the different vegetables up and cooking something up literally. I was so free with it and just threw in whatever I fancied. Yum yum.

So don’t use overwhelm as a block to your new desired wellbeing.

Everywhere where you feel that you have to make all your changes now today and if you don’t then it isn’t going to lead you to where you want to go- will you bring all of that energy and belief up and let that go? Now? Yes?

Thank you J Take a deep breath and state that you let that goooooooooo.

Tune into yourself and ask right now- what is the ONE thing that I can do now to lead me towards…(insert here whatever your desire is i.e. Better health/more energy/ better skin etc etc.)

Your body knows what it needs so just be still and listen.

You may hear a subtle whisper of “Take a walk” or “Cook some soup” or “add some spices to your meal” or “be still”.

Trust that this one step is leading you towards your desire of better health and wellbeing.

Note for parents – everything that you learn for yourself will be energetically picked up by your child whether you realise or not. They see everything you do and every feeling you have. The more you can be easier on yourself and make baby steps towards improved wellbeing the more they will learn to be gentler on themselves too.

 Enjoy your baby step.

 To your wellbeing


Jen xx

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