Are you REALLY good at pretending that you feel happy?

I have been trying to remember this morning how I used to feel before I learnt the things that I know now.

This picture was taken about 7 year ago. I was already helping 100’s of parents at this point and I had helped adults with fears and confidence.

At this point I still didn’t know what I know now…that blessing was to come. The last 3 years took me on a deep learning which changed my entire life.

In this picture I am smiling. I was happy. I thought I was happy. It was happy as I knew it at the time. Which turned out wasn’t real happiness at all.

Looking back now I can see how I just learnt to hide how I really felt REALLY, REALLY well. I was THE master at it!

When I met a good friend of mine 3 years ago, he asked me, “how are you feeling?” And I hadn’t really been asked that question before. In that way. I answered, “Oh I’m okay. Mi quite tired and my body is aching but apart from that I’m okay.”

He said, “If that’s okay, I’d hate to see what ‘not okay’ was like…” 

That’s when I started to realise that I was a master at hiding how I REALLY felt, and I had no clue as to how I really felt. I couldn’t describe it to you. What I had learnt to do is use my body to speak my feelings.

I would say that I felt tired, achy, sick…because my body would often feel these feelings when I felt an emotional feeling.

WOW…this is a breakthrough in understanding, and it was for me.

I didn’t know how to change my thoughts. Not really. I knew how to use affirmation and I knew how to relax and do things to relax in response to my fears or stress but I didn’t know how to change the whole thought process from the BEGINNING so that the feelings would shift or not appear in the first place. Because thoughts CREATE feelings. So rather than knowing how to change my feelings from the ROOT level, I was always responding to my feelings and trying to run away from them, hide them or respond to them with relaxation and affirmations. It was hard work looking back!

What came next for me on my path was 3 years of learning this process which took me from victim mentality; feeling helpless, afraid and reliant on other people to actually learning my true worth as a human being, my divine nature, how loveable I am and how truly capable I am. I learnt a straight forward method to help me to change my thoughts from the ground level in order to change my feelings.

This 4 week workshop is going to walk you through this process. I am going to explain It to you, teach you how to use it the next time you are feeling lost or sad or afraid and give you a worksheet to allow you to practise this at home. It will take work on your part. You are going to learn this and then re-wire your own brain at home by repeatedly turning to this when you are in your feelings and feel stuck in them. It is YOUR gate way OUT. Trust me- this has changed my life.

I am then going to teach you how to do this with your children so that they can benefit from this too and grow up with these tools to enjoy peace and a healthy and strong mindset. They won’t feel stuck or helpless growing up because you will have taught them valuable life lessons so that they can take care of their mental well being and live a happy life.

The early bird ticket of £34 closes at 7:00pm BST Friday 26th April, after which the ticket price will be £85. 

You are saving over 50% when you book your ticket by this Friday!

Dates for your diary for the calls: 

Friday 10th May 6:30 PM -7:00 PM BST

Friday 17th May 6:30 PM-7:00 PM BST

Friday 24th May 6:30 PM- 7:00 PM BST

Friday 31st May 6:30 PM- 7:00 PM BST

The workshops will be held within a Facebook group and REPLAYS will be available

With Love,